Friday, March 05, 2010

new school updates 2010!!

Sorry folks for getting out of touch for so long! Happy 2010

Yes! I have just come back from GRASSLAND SCHOOL with another friend MM after attending the annual public festival (Monlam) at Labrang.

The new semester is due to start soon and kids were cleaning their own classroom on the day we visit.

There are now 60 students in total with 4 class level (grade 1-4) (with around 30 students borading at school).
The student number may increase to 100 in a year time according to sherap, the founder of the school.

Please enjoy some of the photos first.

Promise I shall write more very soon.

Tashi Shok (happy new year in Amdo tibetan language)

grade 1 classroom in temporary shed

new student looking shy before her astonishing singing performance in grade 4 classroom

visitors in traditional Amdo Tibetan costume

visitors in traditional Amdo Tibetan costume (with village background where the school is located)

group photo

oldest building built in 2006 (houses 2 classroom + 2 teachers'dorm)

snapshot outside temporay shed (houses temp kitchen, 2 room as student dorm + temp school hall)

Sherap (founder of school) and visitor

(3March) students cleaning their classroom before semester starts the next day

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Back from spring visit

Just back from a short 5 days visit to the grassland school.
It was a wonderful trip.
There are now a total of 47 students with 3 grades (grade1,2,3)
Detail report coming soon...
So stay tune!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 Spring Visit

A small group of 3 is visiting the grassland school these days.
Please stay tune for more updates later!

For now, a few short vedio clips from 2008 OCT visit can be viewed in this link. (just click the triangle play button)

[learning to write his/her name in Tibetan and Chinese, 2007 visit]

Thursday, January 08, 2009

2008 Nov visit

Below are photos provided by Jules from Holland who visited Grassland School early November in 2008.

Friday, October 24, 2008

October updates!

Please click the below image for the short clips from the October visit.
The clips begins with words from Sherap, the founder of the school and ends with some beautiful music.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

If your computer is not fast enough for the above link!!!

Instead, please click the below clip which only has the first 1 minute of Sherap's word.

[Scroll down for more short footages]

*transcript of Sherap's words in mandarin Chinese as shown below:

我叫西珠嘉措, 是拉卜愣寺上續部學院的一名僧人
I am sherap Gyatso, I am a monk from the Upper Tantric College of Labrang
my family home is in Kajia village, Kangdu of Choni
and it’s inside this mountain area,it is because of your help
it enables me to build this school
also this time, I have got these clothes
also these books, also the extent of this school and all these
could only be built together with your help
therefore on behalf of my school...we feel very thankful to you all
hope in the future you will have chance,during summer time when this place has blue sky and white cloud
very good grassland, and also with many flowers,and many woods
I hope you can come for a visit and get to know this place

Children books




Monday, October 20, 2008

17-19 Oct to Grassland School

A last minute one person trip to the grassland school took place over the weekend. It was already snowing!

Some books donated from HK back in March were brought along to the school. At the same time, clothes donated from HK via Shanghai and Beijing were also distributed.

A more details report about the trip as well as Sherap's thankyou message will be uploaded very soon.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank you letter in English translation

This letter was originally written in Chinese , recieved on 11 August from Sherap, the founder of the grasslandschool.

Below shows the English translation:


Thank you letter,

I am the founder of Xizhu Primary School, Sherap Gyatso (Chi. Xizhu Gacuo). I am a monk who came from the mountain, and I deeply feel the pain of not having any cultural cultivation. Therefore I hope to build a Hope School in my hometown.

I am an ordinary monk without a sustainable income. Even though I have such an ambitious will, it feels very difficult to proceed. Therefore it was fortunate to receive donations supported by the kind hearted people all around in the society.

Presently, a classroom building with 7 bays (3 rooms, 2 classrooms) together with the school fencing wall has been built. On the other side, the foundation of the 2nd building with 10 bays has also been prepared. There are now 42 children from the villages able to go into the classrooms and learn about culture. Soon after, they will be able to understand the outside world. Your selfless donations are very important. Without your support, our “Today” wouldn’t have been possible, let alone “Tomorrow” for these children.

Here, on behalf of the children, I send my gratitude to you all for your kind heart! I deeply thank you for your support toward our impoverished region.

Wish for your health and joyous life,

Tashi Delek! (May everything be well)! Sherap Gyatso